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Young Gentlemens Program

Young Gentlemens Program

IBC prides itself on its program for Young Gentlemen, which provides a unique opportunity for male students to find mentorship, inspiration, and instruction that is catered specifically for their needs as dancers. IBC’s Young Gentlemen’s program runs parallel with our girls’ Level 1-4 and follows the same Vaganova-based curriculum of our Pre-Professional Division.

All Pre-Professional Gentlemen receive full tuition Scholarships (this does not apply to Performance/Registration Fees or Private Lessons).

Boys attend their core classes within the Pre-Professional Division combined with the girls, as well as specialized Young Gentlemen’s classes once per week. These are specific all-boys classes, which focus on building the strength, elegance, and masculinity that is associated with strong, men’s technique. Advanced Gentlemen at IBC attend classes with the Pre-Professional ladies, with separate male classes for Variations and/or Allegro depending on program designation.


Young Gentlemen at IBC receive the same performance opportunities as their female counterparts, performing roles in The Nutcracker and the spring performance along with various fairs and festivals, and many pursue additional opportunities such as YAGP competition preparation when invited by the Faculty to do so. IBC is committed to providing its male students with the tools and resources necessary to achieve their goals and aspirations in a supportive environment dedicated to the success of each student as an individual. 

Class schedule 2023 - 2024

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