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Pointe To The Cure

Pointe to the Cure is an original IBC initiative aimed at raising awareness and funds for local pediatric cancer research. Funds generated from this biannual event are donated to Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health and Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent. To date, IBC has raised over $30,000 for local pediatric cancer research and the aforementioned organizations.

Another unique aspect of Pointe to the Cure is the performance aspect and involvement of IBC’s students. Conceptualized by IBC Founding Artistic Director, Alyona Yakovleva-Randall, the performance portion included in Pointe to the Cure is an electrifying, upbeat, and inspiring journey that showcases the best of IBC’s award-winning dancing and choreography. It uniquely and masterfully merges modern, contemporary ballet with traditional and contemporary percussion music to create a rhythmic masterpiece of collaborative arts.

By energizing and educating the next generation of dancers to understand philanthropy and the importance of giving back, Pointe to the Cure provides a unique and enriching life experience to our students, while allowing IBC to make a positive impact in our community and the children affected by pediatric cancer.

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