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Preparatory Division

IBC’s uniquely designed Preparatory Division is for students ages 3-9 and provides young dancers with a welcoming and structured introduction to ballet training while building fundamental skills, confidence and creativity.

Pre-Professional Division

The Pre-Professional Division, for students ages 10-18, provides students with a specialized curriculum of ballet training based on the Vaganova method, while aiming to develop the whole dancer through supplemental classes in other dance styles.

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Pre-Professional Day Program (PDP)

The Pre-Professional Day Program (PDP) offers an intense level of training for serious-minded students ages 10-19 and is by audition-only. This program is dedicated to elevating the artistry and technique for those striving to pursue a professional career in ballet.

Young Gentlemens Program

IBC prides itself on its program for Young Gentlemen, which provides a unique opportunity for male students to find mentorship, inspiration, and instruction that is catered specifically for their needs as dancers. IBC’s Young Gentlemen’s program runs parallel with our girls’ Level 1-4 and follows the same Vaganova-based curriculum of our Pre-Professional Division.


Adult Classes

Adult Ballet is for teens/adults who are interested in an open enrollment, ongoing ballet training program that offers its participants a wonderful opportunity to strengthen and tone the body, as well as increase flexibility, musicality, balance, and coordination, while enjoying the aesthetics of this beautiful art form.

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