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01/18/2024 - Carmel, Indiana

Recently published data shines a bright light on Indiana’s very own INDIANA BALLET CONSERVATORY (IBC).


This highly-regarded study: “Quantifying hierarchy and prestige in US ballet academies as social predictors of career success” looked at 21 years of data AND out of 1603 reputable ballet schools around the world, INDIANA BALLET CONSERVATORY (IBC) has been NATIONALLY RANKED #3!

This means - out of 21 years of data researched - IBC’s 13 years have been incredibly impactful in shaping the careers of this next generation of dancers.


Having students dancing in over 35 prestigious companies around the globe and receiving numerous college scholarships, IBC’s successes have already been apparent to hiring Artistic Directors and dance professionals alike.

This new published information is just one more reason to celebrate the faculty, students, families, supporters, and alumni of INDIANA BALLET CONSERVATORY!  THIS is who we are! THIS is why you should join us! Indiana Ballet Conservatory Honoring Tradition. Inspiring Innovation.

“Our research delves deep into the complex world of the ballet academic system and its relationship with social prestige and career success. While awards and high achievement are undoubtedly crucial in attaining social recognition, we propose the use of network centrality as a more precise indicator of social prestige, as it underscores the critical role of social connections in enhancing prestige.”


“We hypothesize that the prestige of a school facilitates the professional development and job placement of its students, which ultimately elevates the school’s external prestige measured by the number of professional dancers they produce, something that has been observed in other creative fields. Thus, dancers may leverage this principle by affiliating with prestigious ballet academies that provide access to a larger network of dance professionals promoting talented dancers.”


“Lastly, we hope that this work raises the attention of how important is school choice for the dancers’ future and how interdisciplinary research contributes to the understanding of human creativity at a social level, which can ultimately inform about the underlying mechanisms driving the evolution of arts and our cultural heritage.” Author Affiliations *Universidad del Desarrollo, Chile*University of Virginia *Northwestern University, IL *Northeastern University, MA *Harvard Medical School, MA *Central European University, Hungary

Read the full article here!

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