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Preparatory Division

Prepartory Division

The Preparatory Division at IBC, as structured by Founding Artistic Director Alyona Yakovleva, uniquely prepares students ages 3-9 for long-term success in their ballet studies. Through its distinctive curriculum, young boys and girls receive a welcoming, fun, and structured introduction to the world of ballet and to IBC’s training.

The aim of the Preparatory Division is to build fundamental ballet skills, confidence, creativity, and a lifelong love and appreciation for dance in IBC’s youngest students. In addition, the program is also built upon teaching students how to use their muscles correctly to achieve the strength, flexibility, and technique needed for further, advanced study in classical ballet in a safe and proper way. This idea is enforced throughout the duration of the students’ training, ensuring that students have built both the proper foundation and correct habits during their important formative years.

Unlike many other schools, which do not include their youngest students in performances, all Preparatory Division students are included in IBC’s two major productions each year – The Nutcracker and the spring performance. This key element of IBC’s program helps young students develop important performance skills from the onset of their training.

Class schedule 2023 - 2024

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