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Join our Open House for Prospective Students - 2022/23

Preparatory Program

A uniquely designed Preparatory Program that provides dancers with the proper foundation and environment to excel in the beginning stages of their ballet training.

Ages 3–9

Saturday, August 13, 2022, from 10:00–11:00am

Indiana Ballet Conservatory

849 West Carmel Drive, Carmel, IN 46032

Pre-Professional Division & Day Program

Pre-Professional Division follows a Vaganova-based curriculum, consisting of eight levels of classical ballet training and supplemental classes to develop the whole dancer.


Elite Day Program consists of two levels, Intermediate and Advanced. Students train six days a week during the daytime hours in a carefully structured program that includes; Ballet Technique, Pointe, Variations, Gentlemen’s Variations, Pas de Deux, Repertoire, Contemporary, Character, Choreography and more!

Ages 10–18

Saturday, August 13, 2022, from 12:00–1:00pm

Indiana Ballet Conservatory

849 West Carmel Drive, Carmel, IN 46032

About Indiana Ballet Conservatory

Indiana Ballet Conservatory’s curriculum emphasizes classical ballet technique that is based upon the traditional training method, called the Vaganova method. This method has produced many of the world’s finest dancers. The Vaganova method of ballet instruction consists of eight standardized levels of instruction. The goals of this methodology, as structured by founding Artistic Director Alyona Yakovleva-Randall for use in our conservatory, are, but not limited to, the following:


  • To foster a love of ballet.

  • To teach a comprehensive, high level of ballet technique.

  • To incorporate use of the arms, hands, and fingers in harmony with technique to enhance beauty and assist turns and jumps.

  • To promote technical use of the back and shoulder blades as expressive instruments.

  • To employ coordination to develop dance expression.

  • To instill musicality by translating the character of a piece of music into a story or a feeling.


IBC expands upon this eight-level system of training to include a specially designed Preparatory Program for students approximately ages 3-9 to fully prepare them for entrance into the levels of the Vaganova method curriculum in the Pre-Professional Division. As a Professional trade school, students progress through eight levels of Vaganova training and graduate at the age of 18, fully prepared to join the professional companies or college dance programs.

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