Enrollment in IBC’s Summer Intensive program (IBCSI) is strictly by audition only. Students may audition in one of three ways:

  • In person

  • Submit Video

  • Zoom

Schedule an audition during any regularly scheduled Technique & Pointe classes during the school year. Contact the School Administrator to schedule your audition.

Send a video audition via YouTube link or Dropbox to the School Administrator. Please include the following in your video, and label your email with the subject “IBCSI 2022 Audition: Student Name".

Minimum requirements Video audition:

  • 2 photos – informal headshot, and 1st arabesque (pointe or demi-pointe) in center

  • short barre (including plié, tendu/jeté, rond de jambe, frappé/rond de jambe en l’air, adagio, grand battement)

  • center (adagio, tendu, pirouettes, grand battement)

  • allegro (both petit allegro and grand allegro)

  • few combinations on pointe – at least echappés, pirouettes, piqué turns, fouettés or italian fouettés

All auditions are due no later than June 1st 2022 and audition fee is $30.

Contact the School Administrator with any questions or requests